Filter,,$49,Of,7502,Oil,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Pack,12,Master,/Fraticelli4305973.html,Gold,Napa $49 7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Master Pack Of 12 Automotive Replacement Parts $49 7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Master Pack Of 12 Automotive Replacement Parts Filter,,$49,Of,7502,Oil,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Pack,12,Master,/Fraticelli4305973.html,Gold,Napa 7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Pack 12 Master Recommended Of 7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Pack 12 Master Recommended Of

7502 Napa Gold Oil Product Filter Pack 12 Master Recommended Of

7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Master Pack Of 12


7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Master Pack Of 12

Product description

Features amp; Benefits Has No Individual Box; Use Gold For Manufacturer OE Recommended Oil Change Intervals; NAPA Gold Is The "Better" Filter Choice In The NAPA Family Of Lube Filters When Using High Mileage Or Synthetic Blended Motor Oils; Master Pack Version Of # 7502; Glass Enhanced Cellulose Media Traps And Holds 50% More Contaminants Than Traditional Economy Oil Filters; Enviromentally Friendly, Money Saving Master Pack - Reduces Packaging Waste Attributes Filter O.D. (Inches) : 2.942" Height (Inches) : 4.09" Filter O.D. (mm) : 75 mm Gasket I.D. (Inches) : 2.397" Gasket I.D. (mm) : 61 mm Gasket O.D. (Inches) : 2.753" Gasket O.D. (mm) : 70 mm Gasket Thickness (Inches) : .25" Gasket Thickness (mm) : 6 mm Height (mm) : 104 mm Media Type : Glass Enhanced Cellulose Package Quantity : 12 Style : Spin-on Oil Filter Thread Size (mm) : 22x1.5 mm Warranty NAPA Filters are Covered by a Comprehensive Limited Product Warranty. NAPA Filters May Pay the Reasonable Cost for Parts amp; Labor to Repair any System Damaged by NAPA Filters Due to a Defect in Design or Material.

7502 Napa Gold Oil Filter Master Pack Of 12


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