Wild,/Media4063028.html,W,Grapes,Pinot,Grocery Gourmet Food , Home Brewing Winemaking,and,$118,dc-optimal.ru,Bundle,,Italian,DIY,Kit,Equipment,Grigio $118 Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Equipment Kit Bundle, DIY W Grocery Gourmet Food Home Brewing Winemaking $118 Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Equipment Kit Bundle, DIY W Grocery Gourmet Food Home Brewing Winemaking Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Kit W Equipment Surprise price DIY Bundle Wild,/Media4063028.html,W,Grapes,Pinot,Grocery Gourmet Food , Home Brewing Winemaking,and,$118,dc-optimal.ru,Bundle,,Italian,DIY,Kit,Equipment,Grigio Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Kit W Equipment Surprise price DIY Bundle

Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Kit W Equipment Surprise price Japan Maker New DIY Bundle

Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Equipment Kit Bundle, DIY W


Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Equipment Kit Bundle, DIY W

Product description

Creating delicious wine at home has never been easier (or cooler)! Whether you're looking for a new DIY hobby or just some amazing Pinot Grigio wine, Wild Grapes has you covered. With one wine kit, you can make up to 6 US gallons, approximately 30 x 750ml bottles of white wine in just 4 weeks. All the equipment you need to make your own wine is included in the Wild Grapes Wine Equipment Starter Kit.

Wild Grapes Italian Pinot Grigio and Equipment Kit Bundle, DIY W

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