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Cha-rizard Unisex Backpack Stylish Ranking TOP20 Bookbag for Travel Boys Limited Special Price Girls

Cha-rizard Unisex Backpack Stylish Bookbag for Boys Girls Travel


Cha-rizard Unisex Backpack Stylish Bookbag for Boys Girls Travel

Product description

Accessories Structure


1 Main Compartment . 4 Small Internal Pockets Suitable For Your Laptop, Ipad, Charger, Books, Clothes, Snacks, Wallet, Pencil Case, Wallet, Textbook, Notebook, Etc.


Two Adjustable Side Mesh Pockets

Suitable For Your Umbrella, Water Bottle And Juice Box.

1 Front Zipper Pocket

Suitable For Your Keys, Mobile Phones, Small Napkins, Pens And Some Small Things, Or Other Small School Supplies

Cha-rizard Unisex Backpack Stylish Bookbag for Boys Girls Travel

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