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Los supreme Angeles Mall Unlimited Edition

Unlimited Edition


Unlimited Edition

Editorial Reviews

Following the success of last year's re-releases of their first four albums, Can release here releases remastered versions of Future Days, Soon Over Babaluma, Landed, and Unlimited Edition. The albums feature new liner notes, rare photographs from the band's archive, and original artwork from deleted editions. This is round two of the remastered Can albums, which have been overseen by bassist Holger Czukay, keyboardist Irmin Schmidt, and programmer/engineer Jono Podmore. Sparse and intense, Unlimited Edition is a compilation of sketches and outtakes from 1968-75, featuring contributions from both Suzuki and Can's first vocalist, Malcolm Mooney. Mute. 2005.

Unlimited Edition

An American Tail- Don Bluth, Gary Goldman 1986 Original Studio P

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