Tweeter,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Ambien,/binational4306203.html,Color,64,,Rotating,$149,Akozon,Car,Tweeter,,3D,LED,with Akozon Car Tweeter Shipping included 64 Color 3D Ambien with LED Rotating Akozon Car Tweeter Shipping included 64 Color 3D Ambien with LED Rotating $149 Akozon Car Tweeter, 64 Color 3D Rotating Tweeter with LED Ambien Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Tweeter,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Ambien,/binational4306203.html,Color,64,,Rotating,$149,Akozon,Car,Tweeter,,3D,LED,with $149 Akozon Car Tweeter, 64 Color 3D Rotating Tweeter with LED Ambien Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics

Akozon Car Tweeter Shipping 100% quality warranty! included 64 Color 3D Ambien with LED Rotating

Akozon Car Tweeter, 64 Color 3D Rotating Tweeter with LED Ambien


Akozon Car Tweeter, 64 Color 3D Rotating Tweeter with LED Ambien

Product description

Item Type: Rotating Tweeter
Material: Stainless Steel + ABS + PC
Ambient Light Color: 64 Colors
Mounting Position: Tweeter
Replacement for Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 Facelift 2018-2020
(Not for Pre-Facelift 7-Color W222 2014-2017)

Package List:
1 Pair of Tweeter (Left + Right)
1 Pair of Harness Module(Left + Right)

Akozon Car Tweeter, 64 Color 3D Rotating Tweeter with LED Ambien

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