TOUREN TR60 Black Machined Face with Alloy Ring Ranking TOP18 Stee Wheel $94 TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Stee Automotive Tires Wheels $94 TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Stee Automotive Tires Wheels Alloy,TR60,$94,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Stee,Black/Machined,Face/Black,TOUREN,/chilopodan4062823.html,Ring,with,,Wheel Alloy,TR60,$94,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Stee,Black/Machined,Face/Black,TOUREN,/chilopodan4062823.html,Ring,with,,Wheel TOUREN TR60 Black Machined Face with Alloy Ring Ranking TOP18 Stee Wheel

TOUREN TR60 Black Max 53% OFF Machined Face with Alloy Ring Ranking TOP18 Stee Wheel

TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Stee


TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Stee

Product description

Angular, aggressive, awesome—the Touren TR60 line of custom wheels are built from the lug nut holes up to make a bold visual statement on your street beast. Each Touren TR60 Wheel is sculpted with a 14-point mesh pattern woven together from narrow spokes, leaving plenty of open space for your brake system to show through. Multiple finish options are available to complement or contrast your ride's color, trim and temperament. And for the finishing touch, Touren gives you a matching center cap with their iconic logo.

TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Stee

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