Popular standard Keepers Of The Faith DIGI $21 Keepers Of The Faith (DIGI) CDs Vinyl Indie Alternative $21 Keepers Of The Faith (DIGI) CDs Vinyl Indie Alternative Popular standard Keepers Of The Faith DIGI (DIGI),/chilopodan4062923.html,$21,CDs Vinyl , Indie Alternative,dc-optimal.ru,Faith,The,Of,Keepers (DIGI),/chilopodan4062923.html,$21,CDs Vinyl , Indie Alternative,dc-optimal.ru,Faith,The,Of,Keepers

Popular standard Keepers Of The Popular brand Faith DIGI

Keepers Of The Faith (DIGI)


Keepers Of The Faith (DIGI)

Editorial Reviews

2010 release from the L.A.-based Hardcore/Metal monsters. Terror have cemented their status in great stone letters as guardians of old school Hardcore ethics while winning the pit fervor of the new generation of Metal and Hardcore fans. Ignoring current musical trends the L.A. based band have stuck to their guns playing aggressive, no frills, breakneck Hardcore like The Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front before them.

Keepers Of The Faith (DIGI)

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