LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Bell Denim Excellence Bottom Flare $26 LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Waist,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$26,LookbookStore,High,Denim,Bottom,dc-optimal.ru,Flare,/dietetist4619541.html,Ripped,Women's,Bell Waist,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$26,LookbookStore,High,Denim,Bottom,dc-optimal.ru,Flare,/dietetist4619541.html,Ripped,Women's,Bell LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Bell Denim Excellence Bottom Flare $26 LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Bell Denim Trust Excellence Bottom Flare

LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim


LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim

Product description

LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim Pants Bootcut Jeans
Features: front button closure, basic five pockets, whisker design, distressed details at the knees and flare bell bottom. Stretchy washed denim material
S (US 4-6) Fits Waist 25-27"; Hips 36-37.5"
M (US 8-10) Fits Waist 27-29"; Hips 38.5-39.5"
L (US 12-14) Fits Waist 30-32"; Hips 41-42.5"
XL (US 16-18) Fits Waist 33-35"; Hips 44-45.5"
XXL (US 20-22) Fits Waist 36-39"; Hips 47-48.5"

LookbookStore Women's High Waist Ripped Flare Bell Bottom Denim

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