CYCPACK,/gymnostomous4306160.html,Smart,$46,,Outdoors,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Sports,Watch,Wristwatch,Wat,Multifunction CYCPACK Smart Denver Mall Sports Watch Wat Multifunction Outdoors Wristwatch $46 CYCPACK Smart Sports Watch Outdoors Multifunction Wristwatch Wat Electronics Wearable Technology $46 CYCPACK Smart Sports Watch Outdoors Multifunction Wristwatch Wat Electronics Wearable Technology CYCPACK,/gymnostomous4306160.html,Smart,$46,,Outdoors,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Sports,Watch,Wristwatch,Wat,Multifunction CYCPACK Smart Denver Mall Sports Watch Wat Multifunction Outdoors Wristwatch

CYCPACK Smart Denver Mall Sports Watch Wat Multifunction Bargain sale Outdoors Wristwatch

CYCPACK Smart Sports Watch Outdoors Multifunction Wristwatch Wat


CYCPACK Smart Sports Watch Outdoors Multifunction Wristwatch Wat

Product description



1. Time interface 6 kinds of UI dial display + massive dial + self-defined disc, mechanical movement style theme UI, 7 messages storage view

2. 24 modes of exercise, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, blood oxygen detection, pedometer,

3. Stopwatch, mobile phone search, hand display, sedentary reminder, alarm clock reminder (5), drinking water reminder, medication reminder, shake photo, female physiology reminder

4 . Weather, Smart Alarm Clock, Raise Hands and Brightening Screen, Brightening Screen Time, Find Mobile Phone, Find Brband, Call Rejection, shake Photography, Do Not Disturb Mode (Do Not Disturb Time Settings, Turn Off Brband Vibration, Turn Off Information Reminder)

5.Support language: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian, Hindi, Polish, Turkish

Packing materials

Product name: Smart watch For men
Screen size: 1.28 inch
Physical buttons: Full touch and button
Fuselage material: Zinc alloy + ABS/PC
Strap material: Environmental belt/steel belt
Product size: Diameter: 4.4 cm/thick:1.1cm
Color box size: 9*9*6.6cm
Product weight:57.2g
Waterproof level: IP68
Standby time: 20 to 25 days
Working time: 7 days or so

Packing list:

Smart bracelet * 1
Color box * 1
instruction manual * 1

CYCPACK Smart Sports Watch Outdoors Multifunction Wristwatch Wat

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