$140 #1 Grade Real Beaver Skin (Extra-Large (30-36")) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products #1 Selling Grade Real Beaver 30-36" Skin Extra-Large $140 #1 Grade Real Beaver Skin (Extra-Large (30-36")) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products #1 Selling Grade Real Beaver 30-36" Skin Extra-Large /gymnostomous4619860.html,Real,(30-36")),#1,Grade,(Extra-Large,dc-optimal.ru,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$140,Beaver,Skin /gymnostomous4619860.html,Real,(30-36")),#1,Grade,(Extra-Large,dc-optimal.ru,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$140,Beaver,Skin

#1 Selling Grade Real Beaver 30-36

#1 Grade Real Beaver Skin (Extra-Large (30-36"))


#1 Grade Real Beaver Skin (Extra-Large (30-36"))

Product description

Size:Extra-Large (30-36")

Beaver are known for their velvety soft texture and durability. One of the softest material you will ever touch. These are tanned #1 grade beaver skins without tails. The #1 skins are very nice quality for decoration or for craft projects requiring the best skins available. They do not have any significant imperfections. If you are trying to make something with the beaver skins (like a blanket or throw or pillows), please keep in mind that the useable size will be smaller than the maximum dimension

#1 Grade Real Beaver Skin (Extra-Large (30-36"))

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