Dish,Tier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Drainboard,2,Rack,Drying,$25,Dish,Rack,,Tier,Di,/heteropod4619547.html,,and,Set,,3 $25 3 Tier Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, Di Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 3 Tier New mail order Dish Drying Rack and Set Drainboard 2 Di $25 3 Tier Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, Di Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Dish,Tier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Drainboard,2,Rack,Drying,$25,Dish,Rack,,Tier,Di,/heteropod4619547.html,,and,Set,,3 3 Tier New mail order Dish Drying Rack and Set Drainboard 2 Di

3 Our shop most popular Tier New mail order Dish Drying Rack and Set Drainboard 2 Di

3 Tier Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, Di


3 Tier Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, Di

Product Description


small dish drying rack


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2 tier dish rack

Free Disassembly, Combination

3 Tier design, larger capacity, Top Tier places up to 12 plates, second tier places up to 16 bowls,The bottom Tier can prevent pots, bowls, tableware, etc. both sides are designed for cutting board、cup and utensil.

They can be freely disassembled, alone or freely, which can be conveniently placed in the cabinet.


escurridor de platos

Stable and Secure-Black and White Color

The dish rack is Using card slot design, easy to install and firm and stable without shaking.When the second layer is installed on the base, please note that the ball must be stuck in to be stable.The installation is very simple, you can refer to the installation video.


dish racks

Simple Design

This dish rack accessories are rich and practical.

The shape is fashionable and simple, it is your good helper.


dish strainers for kitchen counter



dish racks for kitchen counter

Dish Drainers Rack for Kitchen Counter

Still worrying about the kitchen? Come and have this dish rack, which will keep your kitchen moment to keep clean and tidy, very large capacity and good storage capabilities.

Measures: 14.76""(L) X 13.19""(W) X 14.37""(H)

Weight: about 5.5lb

3 Tier Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Dish Rack and Drainboard Set, Di

TOI Facts
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