$23,dc-optimal.ru,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Swimming,Kayaking,Jacket,/hucksterer4306213.html,Vest,Dog,Lifesaver,for,Life,Boating,Coa $23 Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coa Pet Supplies Dogs $23,dc-optimal.ru,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Swimming,Kayaking,Jacket,/hucksterer4306213.html,Vest,Dog,Lifesaver,for,Life,Boating,Coa Dog Life Vest Jacket for Boating Coa Raleigh Mall Swimming Lifesaver Kayaking Dog Life Vest Jacket for Boating Coa Raleigh Mall Swimming Lifesaver Kayaking $23 Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coa Pet Supplies Dogs

Dog Life Vest Jacket for Boating Coa Raleigh Mall Swimming Soldering Lifesaver Kayaking

Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coa


Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coa

Product Description

dog life jacket dog life jacket dog life jacket dog life jacket dog life jacket dog life jacket
Mermaid Dog life Jacket Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Dog life Jacket Mesh Dog life Jacket of Whale Style Dog life Vest Shark Crocodile Dog Life Jacket
Material Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam Durable Oxford Cloth + Pearl Cotton Foam
Closure Type Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle Magic Tape Closure and Quick Release Buckle
Rescue Handle
Fits For Small, Medium and Large Dogs Small, Medium and Large Dogs Small, Medium and Large Dogs Small, Medium and Large Dogs Small, Medium and Large Dogs Small, Medium and Large Dogs
Intended Use Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming Beach,lake, pool, river, or kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming

dog life jacket

Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coat for Small Medium Large Dogs

Summer Is Coming, Are You Ready To Enjoy The Summer Sunshine And Water Activities With Your Furry Friends?

--- Now, take this dog life jackets and enjoy this summer safely and cozily.

With life jackets on, dogs are able to safely swim at all times without you having to worry about him/her getting tired and into an unsafe situation.

With life jackets on, the pup is able to cruise around without having to exert too much energy. Especially great for new swimmers or old dogs.

dog life jacket

Dog Need Life Jacket

Our dog life jackets are designed for small medium and large dogs when swimming. Such as golden retriever, Labrador, husky, Teddy, schnauzer, Samoyed, Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Medium and Large breed dogs...

Our dog life vest is suitable for many occasions such as on the beach, in the lake, pool or river, or doing kayaking, boating, surfing, camping, fishing and swimming. This vest can give him/her the confidence to swim and help to improve her swimming

dog life jacket
dog life jacket


Super lightweight and provides large buoyancy

Secure handle is heavy duty and durable

D-ring is for dog leash or name plate or any other decorative items

Magic sticker closure and quick plug amp; release buckle is for easy on and off

Adjustable belt is for the most comfortable fit

Bright color and reflective bands is high visibility

  • Heavy Duty Rescue Handle - There is a handle at the top of the vest (located on the pups back when worn) which is solidly attached to the vest. You can take your dog off the water very easily by grabbing the handle on the top of the swimming jacket
  • Adjustable - The vest wraps around the pup with velcroed flaps is further secured by side release buckle with straps, and the adjustable straps on the neck and chest parts provide enough room for him/her to grow into this life vest and wear it while he/she gets bigger.
  • High Visibility - Bright color, Reflective bands amp; straps and high visibility fabric, it’s easy to see if he falls in the Canal or Ocean! So your dog is always under control and keep away from any danger.
  • D-ring for Leash - Going out dogs are very excited, leash can be hook on the D shape ring to control them. And it’s a place for name plate in case they are lost.
dog life jacket

Size Information:

  • XS--- Chest Girth: 11.8"; Neck Girth: 6.6"-9.8"; Back Length: 7.8";
  • S--- Chest Girth: 16.1"; Neck Girth: 11.8"-14.9"; Back Length: 9.8";
  • M--- Chest Girth: 19.2"; Neck Girth: 11.8"-16.9"; Back Length: 11.8";
  • L--- Chest Girth: 21.6"; Neck Girth: 14.9"-18.8"; Back Length:13.7";
  • XL--- Chest Girth: 24.4"; Neck Girth: 16.9"-20.8"; Back Length: 15.7";
  • XXL--- Chest Girth: 28.3"; Neck Girth: 18.8"-22.8"; Back Length: 17.7";


1. Please DO NOT take it for granted that if your dog usually wears size S, you should choose the size S of this life jacket . Please DO MEASURE YOUR DOG and refer to the size chart BEFORE ORDERING, and the priority should be given to the Chest Girth when choosing a size to make it a perfect fit.

2. If your dog is ON THE TOP OF A SIZE, please choose A LARGER ONE.

3. Manual measurement, so please allow an error of 0.39”-0.78”.

dog life jacket

Reflective dog life jacket vest, adjustable pet lifesaver/ lifeguard/ lifejacket for kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming and camping, high visibility safe doggy water outfit swimsuit preserver, flotation device rescue equipment, quick release amp; dry, perfect for small medium large dogs.

Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming Kayaking Boating Lifesaver Coa

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Portable Appliance Testing – Getting it right

While the 5th Edition of the IET Code of Practice emphasises the need for risk assessment, partly to reduce unnecessary testing, it still requires that Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) be carried out by a competent person but what does that mean in real terms? The...

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Coronavirus situation updates from Martindale Electric

With the ending of nationwide COVID lockdowns, our intention is to keep up with sensible precautions and review them as infection rates change. Our sales staff are on hand to help with orders and enquiries 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The best way to contact us is to...

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