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Royal Tradition Heavyweight Flannel, 100 Percent Cotton Split Ki


Royal Tradition Heavyweight Flannel, 100 Percent Cotton Split Ki

Product Description

Royal Tradition Heavyweight Flannel, 100 Percent Cotton Split Ki

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We are a company of wildlife lovers who offer you the convenience of an online mail order outlet with the caring, helpful touch of a specialist shop. Our expertise lies in our passion for wildlife, providing only carefully selected natural food, the best habitats and an extremely high-quality range of accessories.
Proudly independent, we are here to serve you and therefore your wildlife, permanently striving to create a circular economy, giving back more to the environment than we take.

Did you know…

Birds use nest boxes during the winter to keep warm. Many species will cluster together to share body heat. Over 20 wrens have been recorded living together in a single nest box!

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