Stand,Motorcycle,Xmax250,,/industry4306227.html,Xmax300,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Y-amaha,Kickst,$39,for,Xmax125,QTSM $39 QTSM Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickst Automotive Motorcycle Powersports QTSM Store Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Kickst Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Stand,Motorcycle,Xmax250,,/industry4306227.html,Xmax300,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Y-amaha,Kickst,$39,for,Xmax125,QTSM $39 QTSM Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickst Automotive Motorcycle Powersports QTSM Store Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Kickst Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle

QTSM Store Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Kickst Xmax125 Xmax250 5 popular Motorcycle

QTSM Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickst


QTSM Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickst

Product description


Function: Can Make Your Beloved Motorcycle Parked Safer, No Need To Worry It Would Tip Over Under Pressure Or Load Of Heavy Bikes On Hot Or Cold Days.
For Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickstand Foot Side Stand Extension Pad Support Plate Enlarge Stand

Approximately double the area for those who fear kick stand sinking.

can handle all kinds of road situation,even asphalt.

Fits easily and your motocycle is much less likely to fall over in sand,gravel.

Set screws are a good design for rattle free.

No installation instruction.

Material: CNC Aluminum

Placement on Vehicle: Rear

Package included:1x Piece Foot Side Stand Kickstand

(Please double confirm your motorbike model is exactly same as us before purchase.)
Buy With Confidence: We Offer Clear Pictures For Your Reference, Please Check The Size, Type And Shape To Make Sure The Item Is That You Need.

QTSM Stand for Y-amaha Xmax300 Xmax125 Xmax250 Motorcycle Kickst

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