Automotive , Replacement Parts,With,KIT,Stage,$102,4,/kapp4619639.html,Sprung,Compatible,2004-2009,Clutch,,ClutchXperts Automotive , Replacement Parts,With,KIT,Stage,$102,4,/kapp4619639.html,Sprung,Compatible,2004-2009,Clutch,,ClutchXperts $102 ClutchXperts Stage 4 Sprung Clutch KIT Compatible With 2004-2009 Automotive Replacement Parts $102 ClutchXperts Stage 4 Sprung Clutch KIT Compatible With 2004-2009 Automotive Replacement Parts ClutchXperts Stage 4 shipfree Sprung Clutch With KIT 2004-2009 Compatible ClutchXperts Stage 4 shipfree Sprung Clutch With KIT 2004-2009 Compatible

ClutchXperts Stage 4 shipfree Sprung Clutch lowest price With KIT 2004-2009 Compatible

ClutchXperts Stage 4 Sprung Clutch KIT Compatible With 2004-2009


ClutchXperts Stage 4 Sprung Clutch KIT Compatible With 2004-2009

Product description

ClutchXperts Stage 4 Miba* Racing Clutch Kit
Is a brand new stage 4 Xtreme Duty Racing Pressure Plate With Stage 4. 6 Puck Miba Racing Disc Setup can hold and 70% more pressure increase over stock. ClutchXperts Stage 4 Miba* 6 Puck Miba* WITH SPRUNG SINTERED Racing Disc. A Miba* Composit Disc is a best material for friction material in the clutch market.
If you want the best the industry has to offer, ask for ClutchXperts 6 Puck Miba* Racing Disc. The ClutchXperts Racing 6 Puck Miba* Disc also uses our high torque internal assembly, but goes one step further in terms of friction. This disc uses an advanced Miba Delivering Aggressive Bite and increased thermal capacity. Uncharacteristic of the typical aggressive racing disc, The ClutchXperts Racing 6 Puck Miba Strip Disc provides outstanding stability, smooth engagement, and less wear on opposing plates. This combination has proven to be premier unit with regards to both performance and drivability for the daily driver with serious torque holding requirement. This system is recommended as the finest quality 'upgrade' from the original equipment clutch. This kit comes with everything you need for a new clutch job or clutch upgrade. Lastly, resurface and rebalance the flywheel prior to installation for best performance and result.
Street Or Long Life Of Clutch Break-In Required.
Features Of ClutchXperts Stage 4 Miba* Racing Clutch System

  • Heavy Duty Stage 4 Heavy duty racing pressure plate
  • Hi-Leverage Design
  • Precision heat treated single diaphragm
  • Re-Arched Diaphragm for Superior Engagement
  • High clamping force
  • NO unnecessary increase in pedal pressure
  • More Grip Power, longer lasting
  • Why Miba?
  • High Temper

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  • ClutchXperts Stage 4 Sprung Clutch KIT Compatible With 2004-2009

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