$23 Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Set Shower Curtain Set Non-Slip Bath Home Kitchen Bath Year-end gift Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Curtain Set Shower Non-Slip dc-optimal.ru,Shower,Pieces,Amagical,15,Home Kitchen , Bath,$23,Set,Mat,Curtain,Bath,/load4062755.html,Non-Slip,Set,Bath $23 Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Set Shower Curtain Set Non-Slip Bath Home Kitchen Bath dc-optimal.ru,Shower,Pieces,Amagical,15,Home Kitchen , Bath,$23,Set,Mat,Curtain,Bath,/load4062755.html,Non-Slip,Set,Bath Year-end gift Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Curtain Set Shower Non-Slip

Year-end gift Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Don't miss the campaign Mat Curtain Set Shower Non-Slip

Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Set Shower Curtain Set Non-Slip Bath


Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Set Shower Curtain Set Non-Slip Bath

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Affordable luxury at its best, this embroidered 15 Piece Bath Set is sure to transform any bath space into a retreat.
Including 1 Bath Mat, 1 Contour Mat,1 Full Length Shower Curtain and 12 Plastic Shower Curtain Rings, this all-inclusive set contains everything you need to upgrade your bath.
No need to shop around for matching accessories, this 15 Piece Bath Set effortlessly allows you enhance your bath space.

Material: 100% Flannel and polyester Fabric
15 piece Set includes:
Bath Mat :18x30"(45cm x 75cm)
Contour Mat :16x18" (40cm x 45cm)
Shower curtain with 12 hooks:72x72" (180 x 180cm)

Amagical 15 Pieces Bath Mat Set Shower Curtain Set Non-Slip Bath

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