$145 PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike - 330lbs Weight Capacity Cycl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/perruthenic4168690.html,Bike,dc-optimal.ru,Weight,Spin,$145,PUTEARDAT,Indoor,Cycl,Capacity,330lbs,-,Cycling Latest item PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Weight - Cycl 330lbs Capacity $145 PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike - 330lbs Weight Capacity Cycl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Latest item PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Weight - Cycl 330lbs Capacity Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/perruthenic4168690.html,Bike,dc-optimal.ru,Weight,Spin,$145,PUTEARDAT,Indoor,Cycl,Capacity,330lbs,-,Cycling

Latest item PUTEARDAT Very popular! Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Weight - Cycl 330lbs Capacity

PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike - 330lbs Weight Capacity Cycl


PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike - 330lbs Weight Capacity Cycl

Product description


Strong body: AV-type frame, thickened frame tube, 330-pound load make this indoor bike a strong body, It‘s great choice for stationary bike. Strengthen your legs with a higher weighted wheel and enjoy an incredibly smooth, nearly silent and stable ride.

Fully adjustable: Adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats, this indoor cycling bike is suitable for most users of different heights; using the convenient resistance adjustment knob, you can adjust the exercise intensity, which is very suitable for any user techinque level.

User-friendly design: Easy-to-read digital monitor tracks exercise data, including exercise time, speed, heart rate, distance and calories burned; This indoor cycling bike uses caged pedals, specialty design transportation wheels for an easy move. suitable inseam from 27" ~ 36"

Phone holder: You put your mobile phone or books on the bike to watch cycling classes and read; it makes the workout exercise interesting and easy to insist, no more boring.

Mechanical resistance: Virtually no maintenance, micro-adjustable resistance creates an unbelievably smooth ride that creates multiple levels of riding for enthusiasts of all levels. Belt drive mechanism.

Safety and convenience: The Water bottle holder makes drinking water more convenient, professional design is safe and reliable to use. Dimensions: 47 X 20 X 42 Inches.


Item Name: Indoor Sport Bike
Material: Metal/Electronic/PU
Product Size: 47 X 20 X 42 Inches
Product Weight: 55lb
Drive System: Belt Drive
Seat Adjustment: Up / Down amp; Forward / Back
Bottle Holder: Yes
Max Weight Capacity: 330lb
Package Size: 42.4 x 8.3 x 31.6 Inches
Package Weight: 61.6lb

Package Includes:

1 x Indoor Sport Bike
1 x Digital Monitor
1 x Water Bottle Holder

PUTEARDAT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike - 330lbs Weight Capacity Cycl

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font-size: washing YAWEDA li room 43cmclosed: 0.375em
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