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Long Sleeve Hoodie Print Vector Ranking TOP4 New sales Bl Seamless Pattern Tags Fashion

Long Sleeve Hoodie Print Vector Tags Seamless Pattern Fashion Bl


Long Sleeve Hoodie Print Vector Tags Seamless Pattern Fashion Bl

Product description

A polyester hooded sweatshirt, a drawstring hood and a long-sleeved sweatshirt make you feel soft and comfortable.Personalized graphics, exclusive designs for you, make you special and unique.
Size Detail:
Size:S Shoulder:47cm/Chest:112cm/Length:68cm/Sleeve Length:60cm
Size:M Shoulder:49cm/Chest:118cm/Length:71cm/Sleeve Length:65cm
Size:L Shoulder:53cm/Chest:124cm/Length:74cm/Sleeve Length:65.5cm
Size:XL Shoulder:56cm/Chest:130cm/Length:77cm/Sleeve Length:65.5cm
Size:XXL Shoulder:58cm/Chest:136cm/Length:80cm/Sleeve Length:66cm
Size:XXXL Shoulder:60cm/Chest:142cm/Length:83cm/Sleeve Length:66.5cm
package:1xLong Sleeve Hoodie

Long Sleeve Hoodie Print Vector Tags Seamless Pattern Fashion Bl

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